house of cards

A house of cards is tumbling down, all the way down, onto the ground.

The house of cards is now, not the house of cards anymore.

The house of cards was so easily breakable, so easy to fall.

Building the house took so much effort, just to get destroyed.

It was fragile, like a sheet of glass.

Your silly little house of dreams.

With only a gust of wind to break it down.

Now only you are to blame for building something so unstable.

Are you unstable? Is that why you built something so destructible?

Do the cards represent you?

Next time you build something, make it strong, durable.

Because a house of cards, on any surface, will always fall.

Your house of cards, is now just misconstrued playing cards.

I hope you learned a valuable lesson.

Think before you go building up something so vulnerable,

with the future so clear of the horrible events ahead.

A house of cards is not an actual house, it’s not a house at all.

It’s simply, just a few cards.

Maybe you’re just angry because your home was once like the house of cards.

It looked nice looking it-

But it was as empty as your heart.

It was unstable as your mind.

It was so easily broken by such a small wind.

Your house of cards is not a house of cards at all-

Your house of cards is you.

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