laying in a bath tub with a cigarette in her fingers.

the birds are chirping welcoming the new day.

the alcohol from the night prior is still lingering in her stomach.

and so is the break up from last month.

the silence in her home was comforting, yet, depressing.

she stands up and wraps herself in a towel.

and looks at herself in the fogged up mirror.

her make up smeared, her neck covered in hickies.

she wanted to cry but she couldn’t.

she wanted to scream but she didn’t.

she lays on her bed, looking at the ceiling.

with nothing on her mind, nothing in her heart.

everything was empty.

her mind suggested suicide, but what was the point?

she was already gone.

her life was already over.

the poor girl was broken, doing everything she could to fill the void in her soul.

but nothing fit just right.

and she laid in that bed, and drifted to sleep.

so she could dream, dream of anything.

just to escape her plain reality.

2 thoughts on “reality”

  1. 4199014404 call me if you ever feel the need 💜 life hasn’t even begun yet all of the bullshit is far from over baby but you’re stronger than you think I swear


  2. Don’t be afraid to get out your comfort zone and just live for a while. Spend some time alone. At first it sucks but once you get used to it there’s nothin like it I love you baby


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