getting thrown away

I don’t think any person in this world will ever understand just how much pain my heart feels everyday.

It might just be the curse of having a huge heart.

I fall in love constantly, not with human beings, I learned my lessons with that.

But with music, words, books, pictures, art.

I was thrown away by not just one, but two fathers.

The man that made me and the man that raised me.

And no one ever asked how that made me feel.

No one held me while I cried myself to sleep.

No one ever took care of my hurt or avoided hurting me.

And yes, it took years to become the strong person I am, at least on the outside.

But it feels as if my insides ache with each breathe I take.

And when the day comes, that I meet the love of my life, I will walk myself down the aisle.

Because myself was the only person that walked me through my life.

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