I feel as if almost everyone has experienced death at least once in their life.

Possibly a family member, friend, pet.

But how about your soul?

Is that still alive?

I feel as if mine is hardly there anymore.

This constant feeling of numbness with a beating pulse, but as it beats slower the more empty I feel.

I can laugh and cry and function just like everyone else.

But in reality I’m a walking dead girl.

Barely holding on.

But holding onto what?

To the hope I have that maybe one day I won’t feel this way anymore.

That maybe my golden heart will feel like it’s beating again.

I do not believe in religion.

However I do believe that everything happens for a reason.

And maybe, just maybe there is a purpose behind all the bad.

To make me stronger, braver, and willing to wait for the good.

And that’s how I believe we’re supposed to think.

We just have to have hope.

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