you said you were done

watering a dead flower.. thats what you called what we had. but what you didnt know, was that now im the dead flower. i just hope you know, you did that.


the booze

will numb you the pot will calm you the cigarettes might take you off the ledge but that throbbing in the back of your throat that feeling you get when you hear his name will gut you from the inside out and leave you lying there dying inside to the point where you wish you…

moving on

and letting go of all the past and going forward new beginnings i cannot let these obstacles stand and let my life be completely stopped i am better than this everyone is better than this anyone is better than this.

bad habits

are what make me up from head to toe. i fall in love with terrible things. terrible substances, terrible hobbies, terrible men. i bet you'd say its the daddy issues. or the fact that my parents didn't pay enough attention. i'd bet you blame it on the fact that if any adult, men or women,…