lets stop

acting like hating men is feminism if we hate men for being misogynistic we are just as bad as they are


have you ever read

a drug addicts diary? have you felt the pain in their heart through their words can you see the ink smeared from the tears that couldnt be held back anymore? can you feel the withdrawal how theyd rather almost die a long and slow painful death than to be sober theyd rather suffer this terrible…

5 am thoughts

are dangerous you arent your normal self instead you are the you thats hidden from the world the theories and dreams the secrets the pain it wallows in your brain waiting for its chance to take over and consume your being how do i stop these 5 am thoughts

you left

scars on my skin burns on my back tears in my heart conflict in my mind sadness in my soul it makes it hard to breathe im suffocating choking on words and memories i can never get back moments ripped apart forgotten ruined all because you were afraid to love me right

i take these long

drags off this cigarette like its gonna save me i try to sleep the days away to ignore the outside world i drink to numb the pain in my chest that he left when he left and i smile and laugh at everyones jokes even when im on the verge of tears we try to…

now do not get me wrong

there are so many beautiful things in this world despite the chaos that surrounds us we should fall inlove with the moments places songs faces because even though there are a million reasons to be sad there are even more to be happy we all deserve a little happiness lets finally just give it to…

i have a question

for anyone reading this i was just wondering do you believe that success and happiness go hand in hand? or must you pick between the two? is it possible to find balance? or should i accept the fact that we can never have both?