you were supposed

to take care

of your children

you were


to love them

loving someone

is supporting them

being there for them

being understanding

knowing their


and loving them anyway

you knit pick

your children

like their feelings

do not


and when they’re

12 falling asleep in class

14 and having sex with older men

or 15 with a drug habit

or 17 begging for your help

telling you

that they’re depressed

or having anxiety attacks

you tell them to grow up

“life isn’t that hard”

and before you know it they’re

20 having to do a line

when they wake up

just to get through the day

21 drowning their feelings

with booze just so they don’t

have to remember what you’ve

done to them

22 bringing home random men

trying to fill a void

from the first hole in her heart

when the man who

was supposed

to stay


or when your son

who’s 23


because you told him

“being gay is wrong”


“homosexuality is a sin”

because you were raised

in a time where being yourself

was a crime

unheard of


worthy of abuse


this simple minded


is causing our youth to mask

our feelings

accepting hatred

from a generation

who beat their children

and called it


it is 2018

we have to start listening

to our children

they are our nations future

and look how we are treating them

how fucking dare you call



you’re coldhearted strangers

in the bedroom down the hall

who ignored their kids

and when they became adults

they were filled

with so much




that their demons

take over

and they lose themselves


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