as i lay here

and admire you

while you sleep

every bad thing

that has ever happened

to me

makes sense

every failed relationship

every tear

every heartbreak

it was building me up

to be the woman

for you

to love you

and cherish you

to take care of you

and let you take care of me

when i look at you my

heart swells with love

infatuation never made sense

until i looked into your eyes

and saw my future

you give me this feeling

like im running through

a meadow on the warmest day

everything is soft

and lovely

i feel at peace

i can finally fucking


and its all because of you

a friend in the background

someone i always lusted for

but who knew one day

id fall inlove with you

who knew youd be the one

who could fix all my broken

little pieces

and turn them into a whole heart

me putting my trust in you

hoping and praying that you dont

make me regret it

is more than marriage

it makes this more than real

ive known heartache my whole life

but itd be a priviledge

to have my heart broken

by you


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