I remember

my first time laying eyes

on you

you had your hands in your


and you kept your head down walking


and then

time went by

and you made an


more and more

until it was every other day

of seeing you

wanting you

lusting you

i held my breathe when

i was alone with you

the only person

who ever made my body shake

entire being would close down

and you never spoke a word to me

and finally

i tried convincing myself

that this


was just a dream that would never

come true

until the night

your adorable self



that you felt the same way

i made you just as nervous

6 years of knowing of you

then knowing you

then being your friend

watching you love others

and not being loved the same back

watching you fall apart infront of me

watching you laugh with our friends

watching this beautiful little flower


into nothing while everyone


and let it happen

and when you kissed me for the first


i felt like ive spent years away from


and i finally made it


like my world didnt just stop

it started again

whole new perspective on life

you brought me out of

my emptiness

you made me feel alive again

you make me feel alive again

i am me

when i am with you

late nights staying up just talking

not paying attention to

anything else

anyone else

the world around us didnt exist

and now i have finally

worked up the courage

to ask you the biggest question

anyone could ever ask

if you will be my wife

my best friend



and family

and you said


you said fucking YES

after all the times

that you cried over

broken promises

and broken people

how they tore you down

and now i get to build you back up

your potential wont be potential


because i got you


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