5 thoughts on “i am not picking”

  1. But you’re still over there with who you picked😂🤔😠 love is just 1 aspect of our life but you better fuckin know I’m the 1. Cuz you’re the 1 for me

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  2. Yea zia be selfish💜 I dont deserve to have you back just yet and not having you will keep me hungry so I cant just chill and relax i just be in grind,restoration and survival mode😁 I think you take me for a joke. I’m holding it down i got hope I was down bad I was broke but I stayed on my grind n I grow present tense type shit haha🔥3KSHIT

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  3. I guess theres really just nothin I can do cuz you unreachable as fuck. You out here in this world without me and I just dont fuck with that 💯💯 I guess I gotta let that shit be. Words cant Express how I’m feelin 💔💯 not even just about you . Just about everything…..


  4. I know you better not be on drugs and with her in 5 or 6 years I swear to God I will be so mad at you bruh foreal I would be mad about the drugs and you still bein w her but the drugs would just make me so disappointed and hurt my soul foreal you better not go out like that dont take yourself out foreal theres only 1 of you. Understand that foreal. I would lose all hope if you weren’t out there somewhere in the world💯💯💜 you’re like my other half 1 day I hope you can understand how much you mean to me on some real shit


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