i hate when

people say things

that you know once they are said

youll never forget them

youll never be able to fully

forgive someone

especially if they hit a soft spot

then for the rest of your relationship

that one little remark

snarky comment

backhanded compliment

or just out right disrespect

stays with you

right to the very fucking end of it

3 thoughts on “i hate when”

  1. I love you zia. And I’ll always love you💜 everyday I miss you hella. Foreal. Make sure you be safe punkin😂😂😍💜


  2. I’m rereading this and I’m thinkin to myself like who tf uses snarky in their vocabulary😂😂😂 this why I love you you hella unique


  3. I love reminiscing on everything we shared no lie lol phewww them flashbacks be a mf I miss eating yo pussy and drilling yo fine ass from the backkk💯😤phew as fuck come back into my mfin lifeee😂😂😂


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